Galapagos Information - Columbus TravelDarwin Island


As it is the furthest north of the Islands, the Humboldt Current has little effect here and the waters are warmer than in the south; as such there are more corals here than the other Islands. The quality can be overwhelming. Darwin's Arch sits just above the surface on an underwater plateau and the steep barnacle covered walls drop off to the deeper ocean. The water it is thick with hammerheads and on the ridge side there are large schools of fish.

Highlights: Quality of diving
Animals: Creole fish, rainbow chub, big eye jacks, Moorish idols, mackerels, blue and gold snappers, Mexican hogfish, cornet fish, trumpet fish, parrotfish, Panamic green morays, turtles, flounders, octopuses
Difficulty: Advanced
Landing: None

*Note that the listed activites may differ depending of the time of the day of your visit, cruise itinerary and National Park regulations.