Galapagos Information - Columbus TravelWolf Island

(Wenman Island)

With a number of protected anchorages, a variety of dive sites and drift dives with large animals it is no wonder this area has topped the list of favorite sites. Due to the warmer waters here you will find many fish found nowhere else. Large pelagic fish like whale sharks, Galápagos sharks, black-blotched stingrays, spotted eagle rays have also been seen here. Hammerheads swim in a never ending parade across the reef.

Highlights: Variety of fish not seen elsewhere; night dives
Animals: White-mouth and zebra morays, trumpetfish, cornetfish, schools of jacks, rainbow runners, barracudas, tuna, bigeye jacks, blue-spotted jacks, wahoo, bacalao, salemas, yellowfin surgeonfish, marine turtles, schooling scalloped hammerhead sharks, manta rays, Galápagos sharks, eagle rays, green turtles, sea lions, fur seals
Difficulty: Advanced
Landing: None

*Note that the listed activites may differ depending of the time of the day of your visit, cruise itinerary and National Park regulations.