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Hi Maria

Sorry for not writing back earlier.

All was perfect, thanks for helping to put this together last minute.



Hi Christian,

I was about to write you with our feedback of our trip[ to Quito and Galapagos. Everything was arranged almost to perfection, and we had a trip of our life time! Thank you so much for arranging the trip, and we were very satisfied with the tours in Quito and in Galapagos. Eclipse cruise was fantastic and Galapagos was indeed amazing.

Thanks again, and I am happy to provide any reference for your future customer. Please also let me know if you want me to write up any review or comments.



Hi Christian
Everything was great and in many ways even better than expected.
The crew was very helpful and attentive to all our needs.
The food was great.
In all we had a very memorable time.
Also we were fortunate to enjoy the company of the other guest on board.

Thanks for everything


We really enjoyed the entire trip. The Tour in Quito was a good time and we are glad we added it to the itinerary. The guide did a good job taking us all around. Galapagos as you know was fantastic. We were lucky to have a very good group of people and our naturalist Javier was terrific! The boat was perfect for the Galapagos and the service couldn't be beat.

Mariella our Peru guide was super knowledgeable and we really enjoyed her company. Everything worked out great. She gave us suggestions at Machu Picchu and shared train & hotel / bus information to make our travels easier. The driver was good and Ishmeil kept an eye on our progress.

Our hotels were very nice. Palacio Del Inka gave us a large suite the second night. The round rooms at Sol Y Luna were fun and the grounds were beautiful. When we arrived at the?Sumaq hotel a large group of people arrived at the same time. We thought we would get lost in the shuffle but the staff took good care of us. The second day they were doing construction on their lobby and they went out of their way to make us comfortable. They provided a complementary lunch with wine on the last day.

We were very concerned about Kathy's passport issue but your guidance and our lucky hotel location close to the Airline offices worked out fine. Thanks for your research and direction on how to update Kathy's passport number.

The trip was fantastic and we are very glad you helped us set up the trip. We have told many people about Columbus Travel.
Thanks for all your help.

Best regards

Russ & Kathy

Hi Christian- We had a GREAT trip! Wouldn't change a thing.Sure enjoyed meeting you.Galapagos aboard the Eclipse exceeded all of our expectations.I filled out a comment sheet while in Quito after our city tour and gave it to our guide.I didn't fill out the Galapagos portion since we hadn't been there yet.Our pickup at Quito airport on our return from Galapagos was perfect as was our stay at the boutique hotel near the airport. What a great decision NOT to go all the way back into Quito! Our pickup Sunday morning to the airport for our flight back to the US went perfectly.We WILL be back!! Again, many thanks for taking such good care of us.Laird

Just back from 8 day cruise aboard the Ocean Spray. A wonderful nature adventure, only 8 cabins aboard this new catamaran. Wonderful bilingual guide, Harry, who took us on three different adventures each day: hiking, snorkeling, panga (boat) rides. Saw marine iguanas, sea turtles, flightless cormorants, land tortoises, blue-footed boobies, sea lions, sharks, sea horses, all kinds of creatures. They are not afraid of man so you can get close for great pictures. Great food on the Ocean Spray, attentive crew, large cabins with private balconies. A wonderful time I booked with Haugan Cruises.

Thank you Francisco. I appreciate all of your help booking this trip and your correspondences were always prompt and helpful. It was a fantastic trip and when we finally get around to Manchu Picchu, we'll certainly send you an email.

Catherine P

Dear Francisco,
It was really a fantastic experience.
Colorful & unique creatures and many exquisite landscapes and views in the Galapagos Islands.
I am very satisfied with all the services on the cruise ship. All the crew members and naturalists are courteous and very well trained.
Transfer arrangements between the airport and the hotel were perfect and very convenient.
Handing over the responsibility from the driver to the Eclipse staff at the airport was also smooth.
The hotel you reserved for us was fabulous. They arranged a driver for our excursion to the old town in Quito at a reasonable prices.
I understand there was an unfortunate incidence in Guayaquil. Japanese media broadcasted the murder/robbery of a young Japanese couple in Guayaquil during their honeymoon which aroused fear among the potential Japanese tourists to Ecuador. Nevertheless, I feel that it is a manageable risk and I would strongly recommend the travel to the Galapagos Islands and Columbus Travel to my friends
Thank you very much for your help in making such a memorable travel to me and my wife.
Best regards,

Takehisa Eguchi.

My husband and I have just returned from an eight day cruise to the Galapagos Islands on the ocean spray. Our experience was superb!
The ship was immaculate, spacious and comfortable. We did not expect such spacious rooms. Somehow our rooms cleaned themselves every time we left. Service was excellent and discreet. We loved our towel sculptures. Juanito was an artist, Every staff member and every crew member was wonderful. Dr Trixie. Was every where with Treats, snacks, beverages and food service. Did she sleep?
Chef Adrian delighted us with the delicious variety of wonderful fresh menus he prepared at every meal. We always had our cameras ready to capture his daily vegetable or fruit art.

Thank you so much our pre cruise info was so helpful. Vero at Columbus travel was great to work with and we will certainly recommend this trip,crew, chef,and Harry to everyone.

Roberta and Paul

Dear Veronica

Hope you have a Happy New Year. We are writing to thank you for all the time and effort you put in to make our trip a very enjoyable one. It was much appreciated. Because of you, we will continue to use your firm in those trips that you are involved in. Once again, thank you very much for all that you have done.
Meade and Susan

I am so glad that I found Columbus Travel and our Tour Operator Francisco on the internet to help us plan our Adventure Tour. There were many emails back and forth in the planning phase regarding the prices, locations, accommodation, time frame for travel etc and all responses were prompt, informative and full of excitement. All the required documentation were supplied in quick order. They supplied a day by day itinerary and even a packing list for both places that we found  very useful.  The payment process had several options for ease. 

All  Airports pick ups and transfers back and forth to Hotels were very smooth and the checking in at airports and Hotels was always taken care of for us. We did have a problem a few times not knowing a pick up time from hotel but the communication between the hotel and Columbus Travel was fantastic and some calls were made in the very wee hours. Solution was very prompt.

The Oceanspray Galapagos Tour was Incredible. We were spoiled, spoiled spoiled!!!! The boat , the staff, The Guide, the Food.....Amazing!! The same can be said for the La Selva Lodge. It was a true Jungle experience with great food and accommodation. I would recommend 2 or 3 nights not the five that we stayed. Thank you Francisco. It was absolutely a Trip of a Lifetime. I would definitely book with Columbus Travel again.

Celeste Fairchild

We're now back in New York.
It was a really fabulous trip! Thanks for all your assistance with the arrangements-- we were very pleased with everything.
Best regards- and Happy New Year,


Dear Veronica
Wish you a very happy and prosperous new year. Hope all is well. We immensely enjoyed our trip to Ecuador!



I just got back from my honeymoon on the Ocean Spray in the Galapagos. I just wanted to let you know that Veronica went out of her way to make our honeymoon perfect.  From arranging our flights, to our hotel in Ecuador, to the cruise itself, everything was great.
She is a great employee, and just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the service.  We will be highly recommending her to any of our family or friends that are interested in a trip.


I was just calling to thank you for all the arrangements you made for me on the Ocean Spray.  The trip, as always, was perfect!
I'm so glad we got to meet when I was in Quito.  Hopefully, I will get to go to Galapagos again some day.  For now, I have beautiful lasting memories.
Thanks again. 


Everything went well from the minute we left the US to the minute we returned.
My daughter and I had a great week aboard the Eclipse the whole week in the Galapagos was terrific and most memorable thank you!


We are at the Quito airport waiting for our flight back to the States, but just wanted to thank you for an amazing vacation.

This trip was truly one of the most wonderful I have ever been fortunate enough to experience. The boat and crew were phenomenal. Such wonderful people who truly enjoy what they do and work so hard to ensure that everyone has a wonderful time.
I plan on posting my photos on my website at soon.


Dear Francisco,,

I would like to apologise for not writing earlier to thank You and Julia for all the help you gave us organising our cruise with Eclipse and arranging our train tickets. Also for answering all the general questions that I asked.

Our trip on the Eclipse went very well and we had a great time. The size of the boat was perfect. Having four guides on board worked very well.

They were all very knowledgeable. At certain times there were several different options so it gave everyone the option of doing something else if for example they were not into snorkeling.

The days were full and active enjoying all the wild life on land and in the sea. After a tiring day it was great to come back to such good food , everyday was a different menu ; fantastic.

The crew were really good ,very helpful and everything worked like clockwork Every trip left on time no hanging around. All in all a great cruise.

We enjoyed the rest of our time in Ecuador which was our first time in South America. Everywhere we went, we found people very helpful so we had no problems and had a great time. It has given us the buzz to return in the future.

Antartica appeals if I can persuade my wife that the boat crossing from Argentina wont be too rough and also Chile.

Again thank you for all your help it was much appreciated.

John Westbrook

Dear Francisco,


so sorry for such a delay in replying - my computer caught a virus - just being re-stored.

Yes, it was a fantastic trip the one can only dream of!
Everything was superious in every given aspect: organization, accomodations, guides (except the one at Galapagos).

You're a fantastic & experienced Tour Operator, with whom everyone has no need to worry about, just relax & enjoy the vacations!

The first thing that impressed was your (Francisco) promptness in communicating and your willingness to customize our trip to meet our wants and needs...some adventure, some Eco-treks and some relaxation. You crafted a tour for us and gave us a price we felt was very reasonable for the services provided.
We could not be happier with the service and the time we spent with Diego - our guide for 1st part of mainland tour.. as well as with his brother Dario (2nd part of mainland tour) - both gentle, knowledgable & attentive! Both of them educated us on the history, culture, economy, and the flora and fauna of a beautifull country Ecuador. Even though we had a large group of 11 girls, they handled us with ease, everything went very smoothly... Diego & Dario made our trip very special. They accommodated all our requests and went beyond their line of duty as a tour guides. Ecuador is a beautiful place and they made it more interesting with their knowledge of history, nature & wildlife.
I cannot say enough good things about Diego & Dario as well as Columbus travel. Everything was perfect...including all the recommended restaurants, tours and adventures.

I would be more than happy to personally recommend Diego & Dario & you Francisco as key person for organizing all this dream trip!

Regarding Galapagos part - we were pleasantly shoked with a yacht - such a luxurious which we didn't expect, frankly. The whole crew was outstanding making any seemless effort to indulge us. & what a fantastic chef - it seemed Mr Michelen was with us:)
Everything was beautifull & luxurious at Galapagos except our guide Angelo who wasn't interesting, didn't listen to our wishes & concerns, was pretty formal, didn't consider that we're Russians & needed time for translation, etc, etc...we didn't feel any taking care from him, moreover, just indifference & formality. He was the only person = thing that didn't match the class of yacht & expected & appropriate services provided. However, nevertheless we fell in love with wonderful beauty of Gallapagos!

Overall, I'll definitely recommend Columbus travel & you Francisco for any tours to Ecuador & Gallapagos as well as Diego & Dario & Gallapagos Grand Odyssey! Thank all of you for making our dream came true!!!


Dear Francisco,

Thank you very much, the trip was just great, we would definitely recommend you and your company to our friends!

Best regards,


Hi Vero,

Just wanted to send you a quick thank you for an awesome vacation. Everything was fantastic and we had a great time. Boat and trip couldn't have been any better.

What a great job you did in pulling this together for us with such short notice!



I failed to mention and I will when I make my comments is the wonderful attention that I received from you. You answered every email or phone request promptly and courteously.

You thought of so many things and shared suggestions that made our trip so fantastic.

I do hope you shared my email with your boss!!!


Thank you so much for a wonderful vacation.
Everything was so amazing and you are stellar at what you do.
We look forward to booking with you again and i will recommend you to everyone i can.
it was very special and i thank you for all your patience and dedication.

Dear Francisco,

Hope all is well with you. We had a wonderful time touring Ecuador and cruising Galapagos Islands. We want to thank you for helping us in the planning and execution of this trip.

Our Ecuador land tour was well planned as we did not miss any activities mentioned in the itinerary. Your staff were polite, on time and friendly. We enjoyed our time with our tour guide (Juan Vizcaino) who was friendly and informative on the history and geography of Ecuador. We had a great experience visiting many Galapagos Islands on Explorer II, cabins are large and with nice Balcony. The food was good and the kitchen staff were very attentive to my husband's need for special diet. We were well informed and prepared for our daily tours of islands and we were amazed how close we could get to birds, iguana, GIANT tortoises and sea lions. What an amazing experience.

Most of all, I wanted to thank you and to congratulate you for the magnificent job you did in organizing and implementing our trips in your country. You were always timely with your responses either to my e-mail or phone calls during our planning phase as well as while we were in Ecuador. You really are a GREAT agent: knowledgeable, responsive, kind, considerate, and helpful. I can not thank you enough for making special last minute arrangement so I could purchase gifts at that local market in Quito.

You are a very customer oriented tour agent and what a pleasure it was working with you. I hope you don't mind, but I provided your name and agency to a friend of mine who is considering a Galapagos trip for him and his wife in the near future. Thank you again for answering to all of our questions/requests, and helping to make this trip so wonderful!!

All the best,

Wai Lee

Christian, We had a great time and everything went perfectly. Thank you for making all of the arrangements and making sure there were no issues.

Thank you,

Arlene Nolan

Hi, Julia:

We just got back from Quito/Galapagos. Thanks for all your help! it was a great trip. The Cormorant is a good boat ... cabins are large, each has a nice balcony, and the food and guide were first rate.

I'll put a review on Tripadvisor soon! cudos to you and your agency.

Michael Gaston

I just wanted to let you know how happy we were with our recent cruise on the Ocean Spray. It truly was the vacation of a lifetime. The food was delicious, the crew members couldn't have been nicer and I can't imagine a better guide than Jorge. His knowledge and enthusiasm were boundless and his morning wake up announcements were priceless.The Machu Picchu part of the trip was fantastic,too. Our accomadations and guides on that end were great, too! We were raving about the trip to some friends of ours and they are very interested in going so I'm going to give them your name and e-mail address.
We can't thank you enough,
David and Alison Mandelbaum

Hello Vero...

The 15 day cruise on the Ocean Spray was fantastic...Javier the naturalist was very helpful and the service from Captain Pedro and his crew was excellent.

We have many fond memories and over 1000 photos from the Galapagos.

Michael and Michele

Dear Christian,
We couldn't have been happier with our trip to Ecuador. We really enjoyed it. Everything went very smoothly and we felt well cared for by the Columbus Travel contacts. We especially liked seeing Xavier every time we returned to Quito.

Our tour guides, Alfredo and Ivan, were great. They were very knowledgable and fun and interesting to spend time with.

We were glad we signed up for the Otavalo tour, it was so much more interesting than just the market.

We particularly liked the Casona de la Ronda Hotel. The Swiss was nice but we would have preferred to stay in the old town area instead.

Both the Yachana and the Eclipse were great. Comfortable, good food, good excursions and great guides.

We will gladly recommend Ecuador and Columnus Travel to our friends. And I think we will return to Ecuador in the next few years. It sounds like the cloud forest would be interesting.

Thank you for your help making this great vacation happen.


Dear Christian,
Thank you and your company for your kind assistance in relation to our GalapGos trip. I will be sure to recommend you to my peers back in the UK.

Kind regards and all the best.

Yours sincerely.

Philip Thomas

Dear Diego,

We returned home about 1 AM last night and are getting unpacked and slowly back to the usual routine --but memories of this amazing trip keep us smiling. Thank you for creating the vacation of a life time for us. Every aspect of it was wonderful!  No detail was missed --  the perfect itinerary, the extraordinary accommodations, the knowledgeable  guides, the delicious food etc., etc., etc. We will be forever grateful for all your efforts for us. We will certainly be highly recommending you and your company.

With Heartfelt Appreciation -- Carolyn & Frank

Hello Ivonne,

We have finished our trip and are very happy. Thank you for all your help and recommendations.  Both la selva and the Ocean Spray were incredible. All staff members we encountered were very friendly, knowledgable and professional.

My parents, Kelli and I are planning to return to Ecuador in February, and will definitely use your services again. I will also recommend you and Columbus travel to my friends. Again, thank you so much.


Dear Christian,

We are just back from Peru and wanted to thank you for the excellent service you provided for our Ecuador stay. The hotel in Quito was great and the cruise on the Cormorant was wonderful! We will make sure to include our comments on your service in TripAdvisor in the next few days.

Many thanks! and thank you again for arranging such a wonderful trip!



We loved the Plaza Grande and everything was great on the ship. Our time in the Galapagos was wonderful!


David & Jacqueline

Hello, Diego,

I wanted to thank you so very much for your help in creating the trip of a lifetime! I was amazed at your impeccable service and attention to all the key details. All the assistance to and from the airports was so helpful, and made things so much more relaxing. And a special thanks for your recommendation to stay at the Plaza Grande. It was truly an amazing place to stay, and clearly the nicest hotel we've ever visited (and we've both stayed in some elite hotels).

The cruise on the Ocean Spray couldn't have been better. The clean, new boat was beautiful, the crew was incredibly friendly and attentive, and dealt with slight issues before we even had a chance to ask. The food on the ship was unbelieveably good, and we had a great opportunity to sample Ecuadorian cuisine with the freshest of produce and fish. Our guide, Luis, was amazing! So knowledgeable, so friendly, so helpful, in so many ways. He truly made the trip perfect. We all bought him a present, that we all signed in appreciation, and presented to him at the farewell toast with the crew.

I expect my sister and other friends will be calling you soon to book an excursion on the Ocean Spray.

Muchas Gracias!

John Sanders

Hi Diego,

Just got back into Quito. We had a fabulous time. It could not have been better. Everyone has been great and the boat was awesome.

Thank you so much for your help and I will definitely recommend you in the future.

Thanks again

Jane and Andrew

We loved the Eclipse and found its size and level of service perfect for us. The itinerary had a good pace and was full of magical places. The crew was excellent and our guides were very nice, knowledgeable, and extremely kind and inspiring to the children aboard.




A very belated thank you for organising a fabulous trip to Quito and the Galapagos for Chris and myself. We had a fabulous time all around, due in huge part to your efforts.

We loved the Galapagos and thought the Cormorant was excellent. We loved our trip to Otovalo and thought Ivan was superb (and the lunch was in a beautiful place). Quito was fabulous, and being at the Casa Gangotena during the processions on Good Friday was quite fortunate!

And of course, thank you for the bottle of wine (that did not last long with us...).

If we can recommend friends to you for the same trip, we will of course do that. And, we may need some recommendations from you as well for other places in South American in due course, if that were possible.

All the best.

Dear Diego.

I came back from Galapagos last night, and I just wanted to say many thanks to you.

I had wonderful time.

Take care.


Dear Julia,

We are now safely back in Sweden after a fantastic trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. Me and my wife experienced a wonderful time and everything went perfect. The trips in Quito and Otavalo were very good and the suite at the Galapagos Explorer II was also very good. The trips from the vessel to the islands were fabolous and the special dinner that the vessel prepared for us alone at the sundeck the last evening was such a nice surprise.

I can honestly say that the trip was even better than we had expected and we know that all this was possible thanks to your devotion in making the trip so perfect for us. We have several friends who have the means of doing a similar trip and I can honestly assure you that we will recommend them to contact Columbus Travel whenever this happens.

Once again, many thanks for orgainizing everything so perfectly for us.

All the best,



I am now sitting under a palm tree on a beach on the beautiful Brazilian island of Morro Sao Paulo and thought that this was a good moment to write and thank you for the excellent arrangements that you made for our visit to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands.

We were delighted with all aspects of the trip. The cruise on the Eclipse was wonderful, the hotels on the mainland were excellent and the support we received at all points by representatives of your company was superb. We were particularly impressed with our driver and guide for the trip from Quito to Cuenca, Jorge. He was very informative and helpful and good company on a long trip. He was excellent when the vehicle broke down on the trip from Riobamba to Cuenca late in the afternoon. His first thought was for us; his passengers. He quickly and efficiently organised an alternative vehicle and while it was a tight fit for four of us and our luggage we got to Cuenca quickly and safely. And had a small adventure that added a story or two to our trip.

We will certainly recommend your company to others both for the actual trip but also the wonderful help you gave during the booking process. It s a pleasure to deal with such a good company.

Best wishes

Pete Morton

Hi Diego

we are back from Galapagos. It was really good and we enjoyed every minute. Weather was good, only a bit of rain. The ship was very nice, pretty spacious, food good, crew brilliant. Wildlife is awesome. And 5 nights are enough, then it gets a bit repetitive.

So, thanks a lot for the tip and the organisation. We will definitely come back to Galapagos and we will get in touch then. As for the Amazon, we decided it would be a bit too much for now, but we also want to to that one day.


Hi Vero!

Today we are leaving Galapagos suites, we had the best time! The room was beautiful and they decorated the bed with rose petals and we were surprised with a bottle of wine! Thank you for setting this up for us, it was perfect.


My wife and I, both in our early 60s, traveled in Ecuador for 14 days in January 2012. Our entire trip was planned and executed, without a hitch, by Columbus Travel. Our agent, Julia Haessler, worked diligently with us throughout our planning process, via email and even once by telephone. She was always timely and helpful in her responses, even when our questions may have seemed somewhat elementary and repetitive. While traveling in Ecuador, we had access to a 24-hour phone line, which we did use when our plane from the Galapagos Islands go us into Quito 2.5 hours earlier than the airlines schedule indicated. Julia contacted our transfer driver who picked us up within 15 minutes of our call!

Julia made all reservations for us, including 5 days/4 nights touring the Galapagos Islands on La Pinta, and an 8-day tour of the mainland. She tailored those 8 days to our interests, so that we spent maximum time in the Andean countryside with our guide, Juan Vizcaino. Juan's knowledge of the places we visited is exceptional, as is his command of English. We would highly recommend using Columbus Travel.


Elena, thanks for all your help on our recent trip to Ecuador. All arrangements went smoothly. I look forward to referring friends who are interested in going to the Galapagos to you.

Thanks again,



Just wanted to tell you that our experience on the Cormorant and in the Galapagos was terrific.

Flawless service from departure in Quito to return to Quito. Please let all involved know of our complete satisfaction.


Galapagos was great and thanks again for everything. Such a surprise to see my friends. They also really had a wonderful time.

Will certainly recommend you to my friends.
Kind regards,



we had wonderful time in the galapagos
la pinta was an excellent vesel and experience
tnx for taking care of us .


Dear Elena

Thank you for helping to make our holiday in Ecuador so enjoyable and free of worry. We have no hesitation in recommending Columbus Travel to our friends in Australia and England.

Kind regards

Malcolm and Carole

Dear Vero
I must thank you, Vero, for putting together this wonderful trip. Without your patience and knowledge we would certainly not had such a spectacular experience. What can I say about the Cormorant other that truly exceptional. Sandra tended to our every need and from the chef to the boat drivers to the room cleaners everyone made us feel welcome, comfortable and happy. We saw some fabulous sites and it was an experience that none of us will ever forget. How lucky we were to be on that boat with that crew.


Hola Christian,

Queria comentarte que todo fue muy bien, nos encanto el viaje, estaba todo muy bien organizado y el Santa Cruz es una muy buena opción y toda la gente que trabaja allí es muy profesional.

isfrutamos mucho la visita a Las Galapagos. Gracias por toda tu ayuda.

Saludos cordiales,

Cristina Veciana


My wife and I wanted to thank you for arranging such a wonderful trip. We had a great time!


Kyle and Sarah


I wanted to thank you for all you assistance with our travel plans. The trip to Galapagos and Ecuador land tour were wonderful! Jorge was a great guide. I left the survey at the reception of the Marriot hotel please arrange to pick it up and feel free to use my comments on your site.

Thanks again for all your help in making this trip a memorable one for my family.

Ishac Family

Hello Vero,
I just wanted to let you know that we truly enjoyed the trip to Peru and the Galapagos that you put together for us. We had a truly wonderful time. Thanks you for all your effort and planning. You did a great job and all your efforts were truly appreciated.


Hi Christian,
Sorry for the delayed response. I wanted to let you know that I had a wonderful trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos.

Thank you so much for your help! In fact, I am suggesting you and your company to a friend of mine. Hopefully you can find him a good deal if he decides to go! :)

Thanks again,


thank you for all your time organizing our trip. It was wonderful to have the drivers meet us at the airport each time and take us to the hotel. The Fuente was very nice.

thank you for the suggestion and the organization.


Hi Christian,

Thanks for the follow up.

All went well in the Galapagos. The cruise was excellent and the hotels were great. The service at Sol y mar could not have been better with a combination of professionalism and personal attention.

Thanks for you help and we will be happy to recommend your services if the opportunities comes up. We were actually referred to you by some friends.


Iris and Zvi

Hello Elena,

I think I can speak for our group when I say that our trip to the Galapagos Islands on the Athala was an amazing, magical experience. It far exceeded my own expectations.

The crew was exceptional, warm, welcoming, fun, and provided utmost quality as far as service is concerned.
Our guide, George, did a fantastic job educating us along the way and was of great help to all who needed guidance during our snorkeling excursions;
Pepe (Jose Luis?), the bartender, sang lovely songs and entertained us, as well as served us beautifully for each meal. He made our stay especially fun.
The captain, Miguel, was kind, pleasant and courteous;
Our panga ‘drivers’ Herman and…..sorry I cannot retrieve the other name-both so helpful and kind;
Darwin, the chef –exquisite meals, each and every one! He is amazing;
Martin, who made us giddy with the pleasure of towel sculptures and kept our cabins beautifully clean, with a smile to be remembered;
And those who I cannot remember names….they were all wonderful. All of the crew, wonderful. Please if you can, extend once again our gratitude for such an enchanting time spent on the Athala. I will never forget it.



My wife & I want you to know that we really enjoyed our Ecuador tour, and that all of the bookings, transfers, etc. that you arranged occurred without any problems.

Thank you for all of your efforts, and for your always quick and clear responses to my many questions!


Dear Elena,

About 10 years ago our daugther took a spanish course at the Simon Bolivar school and she made a trip to the Galapagos with Columbus travel.
That’s how we got in contact with Columbus travel.
We are so glad we chose Columbus travel for our trip to Peru and the Galapagos.

Tired, but very satisfied we arrived home yesterday.
Getting the trip organised was no problem at all with you on the other side of the world. Any question we had was answered immediately.

In every place we arrived somebody was waiting for us. The guides were very good and friendly. The transport was perfect and the hotels wonderful.
We enjoyed the beautiful landscapes of Peru and the friendly people.
The Galapagos were even better if possible. Thanks to you everything went well. One little misunderstanding was solved straight away.
You even took care of our luggage in Guayaquil! We thank you again for all you have done.

Because of you this was a wonderful holiday without any worries.
I’m sorry you don’t organise trips in Asia or Africa!
We will certainly recommend Columbus Travel and you specifically as a contact for any of our friends who may wish to travel to Peru or the Galapagos in the future.

Thanks again,

Roel + Irene Straathof and Peter + Ineke Slee

Hi Elena,

I wanted to let you know that we’re back from our trip and absolutely loved it! Thanks very much for making the arrangements. Everything worked out great. The Eclipse was fantastic!

We will be telling all our friends about our trip and suggesting that they use you if they want to go to Ecuador/Peru!

Thanks again,

Jim Colvin

Please be sure and share my comments with your boss. First, let me thank you and your staff for the most exceptional trip either Joan or I have ever taken. That says a lot since I travel almost 200,000 kilometers per year. Second, not a small part of the success of the trip was you. I have never received the level of personal service you provided. It was like being hand held through Quito and the Galapagos. The Swisshotel was an excellent property. Room great, breakfast great, staff attentive. The added city tour and room before travel home was deeply appreciated. Third, the Eclipse was all you predicted. Great ship, excellent crew, too much good food, and superb guides. I've already spoken to many about the trip and Columbus Travel. I told them you cannot do Galapagos without them! We will be considering a group trip as we begin to formulate work with the ministry of health.

In the mean time our personal Gracias me Amigo for all you did.


Marv and Joan Wayne

Thanks Ivonne!!

We are flying back to quito in an hour.
The cruise was FANTASTIC!
Great crew! Awesome guide!
Terrific adventure!


Ron Wolotzky

Hi Christian,

Nice to hear from you. Our trip was terrific! We really enjoyed ourselves. The service that you provided us was great and excluding the one minor time issue with the Emetebe, everything exceeded our expectations. Particularly the recommendation to take Santa Cruz ship - it was perfect for our needs and was a very professional operation. Of course, we would have like to stay at Le Parc hotel for our last night but it was an unforeseen circumstance and they went above and beyond to accommodate us for the inconvenience.

We will definitely be back to Ecuador and next time will bring our son! I will contact you again for our future travel needs.

Thanks again,


Yes, Elena, thank you VERY MUCH for your help throughout the planning and trip time. We had a great time and will certainly be recommending Columbus Travel to others to use!



Yes I scheduled. The trip was fantastic. Eclipse crew and the whole experience could not have been better.

All set for tomorrow. Thank you for your efforts for us!

Hi Elena!

I just wanted to thank you again for an amazing trip. We had such a great time and I can't wait to visit S America again!

Thanks for all your help -



we want to say : THANK YOU VERY MUCH, you made our holidays brilliant !!!!

Your recommendation regarding the ship was excellent, we enjoyed it really. We would like to say thank you especially for your help with our luggage problems. Without your help this wouldn´t have gone so fast.

Stay as you are, very kind tour operator, friendly, helpful, ...

If we ever go back to South America it will be a pleasure to book again with you!

Greetings from Vienna

Andreas & Evelyn Steininger


back at home we are writing to say thank you for your very good organization of our journey to ecuador/galapagos - everything works how it was planned!
Our holidays were outstanding, especially the galapagos cruise with the Athala and our visit of the hacienda St. Augustin de Callo.

We will recommend you.

Best wishes

Margit Kautenburger & Jürgen Kreusch

Hello Elena

Thus a greeting from Frants and Lis.

We are very pleased with the entire course of the ride, it's been a pleasure throughout.

Many thanks to you for a good and fast service.

Best regards,

Lis and Frants

Hi Elena,

I just want to thank you for doing such an incredible job on our trip to Quito and the Galapagos. Everything was wonderful; actually, better than wonderful! The hotels you chose for us were clean and comfortable, The cruise was fantastic and, again, the accommodations perfect. The drivers were all prompt, most courteous and helpful. And, to top it off, you sent us those lovely hand painted gift boxes filled with chocolates and adorable figurines. You really made our trip special from beginning to end. Thank you so much. A highlight, of course, was meeting you.

We followed your suggestions and went to the stores you thought we would enjoy. You would have been happy to have gotten a percentage of what we bought! There were so many beautiful things! We also really enjoyed talking to everyone.

We concluded that Ecuadorians are especially nice people.
So, please pat yourself on the back for a job well done. We certainly will recommend Columbus Travel to anyone we know who is interested in going to Quito and/or the Galapagos.
Thank you very, very much. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can do anything for you.

All the best, Elena.


PS You have my permission to use this letter as a recommendation.

Elena -

Where to begin? From our first contact with Pilar when we landed in Guayaquil to our last contact with her when she said good-bye at the airport as we were going through security on our way home, the trip was beyond our wildest expectations and dreams! The Athala is a gem of a boat - luxurious accommodations, great space to lounge in, sunbathe in, eat and drink in, relax in - just superb; and the crew... first rate, 4-star, personable, attentive without hovering, friendly, always professional; the food was delicious, delectable and so beautifully and creatively presented; and Harry Jiminez, our travel guide, was so knowledgeable and passionate about this most special, treasured part of the world and so eager for us to share his enthusiasm and desire to protect it. AND, the majesty and beauty of the islands is even more than I imagined it to be! As I said on the comment card we all completed on our last night, I felt that, if I were ever lucky enough to return to the Galapagos Islands, I could contact every member of our crew and they'd be happy to hear from me - we really felt like they were our friends and were sorry to see us go.

No adventure like this just happens - it required hours of your time, your thoughtful attention to detail, and a genuine desire to make certain that my mother would celebrate her birthday in a most memorable and special way - AND, she did! So, thank you for all that you did to make our trip the unforgettable five full days that it was!

Fondly, and most appreciatively,


Just a note to say how much my wife and I enjoyed our trip to the Galapagos and the two days we spent in Quito. Your arrangements, vouchers, and tickets all were efficient and exactly as we had planned. The Galapagos Islands are fascinating, the crew on the Athala couldn't have been better, and our guide was superb. The food was outstanding, the room comfortable, and the sights were amazing. It was superb!

Thank-you so much for being flexible with our plans. It was a pleasure to work with you and I'll be glad to recommend you to anyone in the future!

God Bless!

Roger Smith

Hi Vero,

We are back home - in the snow and cold. Just wanted to thank you for helping us so much in planning the biggest trip of our lives. We loved the La Pinta & its crew. Our cabin was perfect. The islands were awesome - each one so beautiful, yet different. And the wildlife - so varied, yet so peacefully co-existing and so totally unafraid of us! And of course, the boobies were adorable. And thank you also for the lovely gift (wine!) It was very good. Unfortunately, our stay in Quito was cut short by altitude sickness, so we were not able to stop by and meet you in person. Too bad. But thank you for everything - and who knows, we may be back!

Have a wonderful 2011,



Thanks so much for making our trip to The Galapagos a perfect one! The Eclipse was everything that we had hoped for and more.

Thanks again,

Jeanne and Peter Bowen

Hi Elena and a Happy New Year.

We are now back in the real world after our wonderful cruise aboard the MY Athala and I would just like to say that this holiday would be very difficult or maybe even impossible to beat! We had fantastic shipmates and a wonderful crew who worked so hard to make sure that everything was perfect for us and who went out of their way to make sure we saw as much as possible from the penguins to the flamingoes. The highlight of the cruise was when the Athala followed two killer whales to let the photographers get some brilliant close up shots.

We also enjoyed our stay in Guayaquil at the Hotel Oro y Verde and would highly recommend this hotel and especially the high standards of the restaurant Le Gourmet and the bar El Capitan. Just a few blocks from the hotel we enjoyed the delicious seafood of the Blue Snail restaurant which we would also recommend.

Thank you once again for all your help and for making this holiday very special.

I have attached a few photos and would just like to say that we took literally thousands between us so if you would like any for your publicity, please just ask.

Kind regards,

Hello Elena,

I know that Kathy wrote to you about Athalla but I thought that I had to make a few comments too.

From the moment we landed in Guayaquil, when your representative met us at the airport until your other rep left us at the airport to go home, we had the most wonderful vacation. Columbus Travel and Athalla went that extra mile and truly made it a vacation of a lifetime. As for the Galapagos there are no words to describe them. Fantastic does not even come close.

Thank you, your representatives, the crew of Athalla and everyone involved.

Kind regards,


Hi Elena

Thanks for organizing our trip, everything was great and we'll recommend your services if somebody asks.

Gina Beim

Hi Ivonne,

Our trip was perfect! The whole family had a wonderful time. Galapagos Explorer II is a very comfortable ship and the staff is excellent.

Best wishes and Happy New Year!


Hi Diego -

I want to thank you for organizing this trip and suggesting the Eclipse cruise, it was a great experience for both of us! Wish you all the best!



Just wanted to let you know that Kate and I had a fabulous time in the Galapagos. The Eclipse was wonderful. Great food, beautiful ship and terrific crew members and guides. We were very happy during the entire trip.

My Best,


Hi Diego

Now that we're home & unpacked I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your efforts on our behalf. The Athala was all you promised & more. What a great ecperience. The companny you chose for the Peru trip did an excellent job. All the hotels were very good & the people working in them couldn't have been friendlier or more helpful. All in all it was a great trip. I have sent a thank you note to the Travel Group in Peru and will be sending a review to trip advisor for both Columbus travel and Travel Group.

Thanks again

Tom & Barbara Switzer

Hi Christian,

Thank you for arranging my trip for me. I am very impressed by how organized everything was and how well I was taken care of the entire time. I want to thank you especially for giving me a double cabin without having to pay the single supplement. That extra space and the comfort of not having to share a cabin really made things so much more convenient. Galapagos is truly beautiful and I will come back some day. Maybe I will contact you again at that time for your services!

best wishes,

Just a note to let you know how much we enjoyed the trip. All of the staff at Columbus Travel made the airport transfers and hotel check-ins etc a "Breeze".

Other folks on the boat kept talking about A&K but I don't know what they could have done that you didn't.

Hi Christian,

We had an excellent cruise in the Galapagos Islands. The boat, the Athala and its staff were excellent, we were not disappointed in any way.

As you know, our trip home was a little challenging, but that was an American Airlines issues and had nothing to do with Columbus Travel.

Thank-you for all your assistance in organizing our trip and following up with us. I would not hesitate to recommend you to others planning a trip to the Galapagos Islands.



We had a great trip. Thanks for your help and for the little gift.

Susan C.

Doris and Vero:

We have been in Chicago ,and we have had a wonderful experience in Ecuador and Galapagos islands. Your schedules were unbeatable and thoughtful. We attached you some of our pictures to share our happiness with you. Thanks for your help. keep in touch! If you have opportunities to visit Chicago or Taiwan. Don't forget to call us. We will be a professional guide for you.


Yu-Shih Lin and Yen-Chang Hsiao


Thank you so much for arranging our wonderful trip to the Galapagos and Quito. This was truly a once in a lifetime experience and our memories will last forever. We loved the boat and crew. They were so great and we could not possibly have asked for anything more. Our guides were terrific, fun and knowledgeable and we couldn't have hoped for a better group of passengers. The itinerary was perfect and I can't tell you how much we appreciate all your help. You did a great job for us. All of our accommodations worked out wonderfully. Thank you again and we look forward to returning.

Best wishes.

Lauren Della Bella


Thank you so much for a fantastic journey. This was truly the trip of a lifetime. What a joy to have everything so carefully arranged- all of the tours and transfers were seamless and the guides on the cruise were so knowledgeable. We were in awe of the wildlife-- my daughter is already begging to go back!

Thanks so much for putting all of this together. Javier and Mauricio were wonderful during our Quito stay. I do hope we can plan another trip soon.


Hi, Christian,

I was just about to sit down and write you a note, myself. I have to thank you so much for helping us book our cruise-of-a-lifetime! We had no idea how wonderful it was going to be. Everything was better than we'd imagined: the ship was perfectly comfortable, the crew friendly and extremely hospitable, our Guide "Joffrey Herrera" charming and knowledgeable, the islands and wildlife endlessly fascinating.

I think the three of us felt rather sorry for the other passengers, who had to leave the ship after only three or four-day cruises. The full week-long cruise is really necessary to see (almost) everything.

I will certainly recommend a Galapagos trip, and your services, to anyone I meet who may be interested. We were privileged to be able to take such a fun adventure. Thank you for helping us get there!


Gretchen Niver

Good Morning Christian,

The trip was wonderful! All very well organized and the ship, the crew, the guides all so great. Only complaint was that it was over to quickly. I would very much recommend your company to anyone interested in Galapagos.

Many thanks for all your help.

Wendy Stager

Dear Diego,

I just wanted to thank you for the great organization of our trip to Galapagos. Everything worked perfectly - be it the airport transfers, the rooms on the Oro Verde and the absolutely fabulous cruise on the Athala. I have to say we had high expectations but they were even surpassed. The crew and guide on the Athala were extremely professional and super nice. Our guide , George, had such an enthusiasm and was extremely knowledgeable. It was a real pleasure and we could not have been happier!

Thank you for a great vacation!

All the best,


Hi elena

Just to let you know the galapagos trip was absolutely fantastic, the eclipse is a great boat and the excursions were all first class! We think this has been our best holiday ever! Thanks for all your help with everything, you have been wonderful. Today we are heading off on our trip to the highlands which we are looking forward to.

All the best


Hi Elena,

we just wanted to share our experience with the eclipse with you. It was a gorgeous trip and we enjoyed every minute. the crew was perfect and the animals were incredible....... we will continue our trip now in buenos aires for a week and then we'll head to chile and travel up north so there is some extra time for perurail to fix their way up to machu picchu ;o) we've seen that you have also arrangements on your website for machu picchu. we'll probably come back to you for a hotel arrangement close to machu picchu.....

thanks again for your help.

have a nice day

Ivan y Silvia


I have no complaints whatsoever about my entire trip! The tour with Byron was very informative and I enjoyed his company for the day. My experience on the Eclipse far surpassed any of my expectations and I would go back today if I could! The crew, the food, the room, and the naturalist guides, were outstanding. I made many new friends with both the passengers and the crew. It is a trip that I will never forget.

Thank you for all of your help in booking the trip.



Hello Vero

We are now back from Ecuador and starting to resettle into our "normal" lives. I wanted to let you know how happy we were to meet you and how thrilled we were with the entire trip and the important part you played in making it a success. We loved our trip to the Galapagos, the ship and crew were fabulous and of course the Islands are magical and unforgettable.

The trip to the Amazon also turned out to be a wonderful experience although not exactly as planned. I had really hoped for Kapawi but weather, as you know made that impossible so going to Yachana was not our first choice, but as it turned out it is an extraordinary place and you can certainly send people there in the future. It has an educational program for local children which is remarkable and its located in a beautiful spot. Our guide was amazing and we will stay in touch with him for the future. Getting us into the Plaza Grande was truely a coup!! How you managed that is beyond me, but it sure was not wasted on us! We loved it and they loved us!!

Best regards



Thank you so much for our honeymoon vacation you set up for us last Dec. 8-23. The cruise on the Athala was simply great. Everything from the crew to the food and of course our guide was the best. Please give a special thanks to the Captain and crew for the surprise wedding they gave us. It made a dream come true for us.
Our city tour guide was a charming young man. He did a great tour for us. Please thank him again for us.
Our jungle tour was top notch also.
We had the best of times. Everything went like clockwork. When you said we would be picked up at this time, your people where there at that time. We had such a wonderful time in your country. You did a wonderful job booking our tour and getting it all put together us. Thank you so much and our thanks to all of your staff that made our tour go so well.


Fred And Joan

Dear Vero:

Our trip to Ecuadror and the Galapagos was wonderful. We returned to New York last night only to be greeted with a major snows storm of 18 inches. We wish to thank you for your excellent help in organizing our trip. The hotels you sent us to were wonderful, the boat (Santa Cruz) was great as well as the naturalists. All the airplane connections were good and we are very pleased with your excellent and professional work. If you wish us to add any positive comments on your web site, please let us know and we will be happy to do so. Have a good day and thank you once again. We just loved the trip and hope to return.

Miriam & Howard
USA, February 2010
Traveled on the Santa Cruz

Hi Christian,

All of us thoroughly enjoyed the trip. You worked your hardest to help us stay in a variety of hotels, though I miscommunicated the dates. This was rapidly rectified however, and we loved every place we stayed. The Napo Wildlife Center couldn't have been better, the tours you arranged for us both to Odavallo, and the city tour were outstanding. The guides exceeded all expectations, as did your driver. It was great to meet you personally. The ship, and the Galapagos tours were also outstanding. Thank you so much. We will certainly recommend you and Columbus Travel.

Sincerely yours,

Mary Lou
USA, January 2010
Traveled on the Galapagos Legend


A fantastic trip!!!! Everything went soooo well....All our guides were excellent and cannot think of 1 thing I would have changed....An experience I'll never forget!! Thank you for all your help and will recommend you to all I know! Hard being back in this cold weather!!!

Nancy Bergersen
USA, January 2010
Traveled on the Galapagos Legend

Thank you for an incredible Christmas vacation in the Galapagos and Machu Picchu! All your arrangements were perfect! We liked the accomodations, guides, cruise, airlines, etc. Except for the slight hiccup in the luggage, which you resolved for us very well - thank you!, the whole trip went extremely smoothly. Thank you for taking care of all the details, especially in getting our lost luggage to us. Our boys were very impressed with how smoothly everything went.

God bless you.

Doug, Barbara, Brandon, Andrew and Christopher Cusick
USA, December 2009
Traveled on the Galapagos Explorer II

Hi Christian and Fernanda,

We are home and basking in the glow of an absolutely fabulous trip. Everything was great! We can of course highly recommend you. I plan to spend some time on Trip Advisor rating everything. I just love your country and really want to go back. Our school has asked for a slide show for the kids and parents, so I can pass along your contact information to anyone who asks.

Warm Regards,

USA, December 2009
Traveled on the Athala


Had a great time in Quito and the Galapagos Islands. You did a wonderful job with the arrangements and everyone we met was helpful and kind.

Thanks again for all your help.

Best wishes,

USA, November 2009
Traveled on the Galapagos Explorer II


thank you so much for all your help! We had a wonderful time. Everything was perfect - hotel, the transportation, the boat, the excursions, the food, the crew, the guides and of course the Galapagos!

I thought you might enjoy this picture of me with the Sea Lions.

USA, October 2009
Traveled on the Santa Cruz


I just wanted to drop you an email to let you know what a wonderful time we had on the Athala, as well as the cloud forest. They are going to be memories of a life time. You were recommended to us, and I was not disappointment. My emails were answered within in hours (not sure if you sleep at all), and from the time we were picked up from the states and throughout our time in Ecuador, the whole staff was wonderful. I will be passing your name and the Columbus travel to anyone who travels in South America, we possibly next year will head done to Chile or Argentina, I will let you know.

Thank you again for everything. (The staff on the Athala was impeccable)


USA, September 2009
Traveled on the Athala

Dear Elena,

We had a fantastic trip, we are home safely now. We loved the Athala , the boat and the trip to the Galapagos were spectacular and even better than I had hoped. We loved the Pisaqui in Otovalo, everything was perfect !!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP. I am already thinking about coming back next year. I will reccomend your travel agency to anyone interested.

I will send you some photos after I get them edited.

Thanks again,

Elizabeth and Jared
USA, August 2009
Traveled on the Athala

Dear Diego,

Thank you so much for all the arrangements you made on our behalf. The trip was great, and all the connections went smoothly. The drivers were on time, helpful and courteous, and the staff on the boat was great. Thanks again.

Best Regards,

Preben Koenig
Denmark, August 2009
Traveled on the Galapagos Explorer II

Thank you very much for all your help in planning our honeymoon - and also thanks for handling our change of plans so quickly. I'm feeling much better and we had a spectacular time in the galapagos!

All the best to you,

USA, June 2009
Traveled on the Eclipse


We would like to say a big Thank you for a superbly organized trip to the Gallapagos. From the moment that we touched down in Quito until the end of our Galapagos trip, everything was excellent, The hotels were extremely comfortable and the guides excellent.

We would like to make a special commendation to the Athala which we found wonderful. Nothing was too much trouble for the crew and our guide (Yvonne) was fantastic with a wide knowledge of the islands and an amazing enthusiasm for the environment there. We cannot recommend Athala enough and feel we were extremely fortunate to have experienced a week on such a beautiful boat. We would be very happy to be a reference for any future holiday makers and thank you again for your excellent professional organization.

Anthony & Lorna Hamilton
UK, April 2009
Traveled on the Athala


Thank you for your email.

We had a wonderful time in the Galapagos. The boat was very pleasant and the crew very friendly and professional. We really enjoy every minute and our guide, Jose Luis, was excellent.

Thank you very much for your services and help and for the delicious dinner in Quito.

Warm regards,

Esmeralda de Belgique
Belgium, April 2009
Traveled on the Galapagos Legend


We are back in Israel now and I just wanted to thank you once again for being very responsive and helpful throughout the entire process, in addition to being so professional.

We enjoyed the Galapagos cruise very much and all the pickup arrangements were very accurate !


Giora Bitan
Israel, April 2009
Traveled on the Galapagos Explorer II


A short note to "Thank you" very much for planning and executing our trip,on such short notice.

Michael and I had a wonderful adventurous time. Enjoyed every minute of it, along with feeling safe, which is a high priority when travelling with a "special grandson"...

The La Pinta was a great way to travel, the Captain, Crew and Naturalists were excellent hosts. Always looking out for everyone and making sure our needs were met at all times...

Needless to say we will be recommending you to our friends who want to travel to the Ecuador and the Galapagos.

You are an excellent travel consultant. We need more like you. All your work and planning are truly appreciated. We had a "Once in a lifetime vacation." Thanks to all your efforts and arrangements.

Sincere regards,

Illa Maher
Canada, March 2009
Traveled on the La Pinta


Thank you very much for arranging our Ecuadorian trip. We had a wonderful time. Swissotel was good and we adored Patio Andaluz. Everyone at Columbus Travel had been very helpful. Ivan was a great guide and Javier was a solid professional.

Warmest regards,

Henry Chan & Lina Lee
USA, February 2009
Traveled on the Athala


We have returned home safely after our holiday and I would like to thank you for the arrangements which you put place to ensure such a wonderful experience of Ecuador, including the amazing Galapagos. Everything went like clockwork.

We hope to return to Ecuador in the future and in any event will certainly recommend the services of Columbus Travel to others, as we were originally recommended to you.

Kind regards,

Janet Gaymer
UK, February 2009
Traveled on the Eclipse


I just wanted to thank you for all the arrangements you made for our recent trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos. Everything went smoothly and we had a fabulous vacation. We enjoyed the Le Parc Hotel in Quito and the city tour with an excellent guide. The Eclipse was a wonderful ship and all the staff and crew and naturalists were amazingly good to us! we really enjoyed ourselves. My single cabin was perfect!

Your country is beautiful and we would like to come back sometime and see more.


Canada, February 2009
Traveled on the Eclipse

Hi Elena,

Hope all is well. My wife, Emily and I wanted to share our appreciation and thank you and the team at Columbus Travel. We had such an amazing and unforgettable time. We truly were unexpected at the level of service and value we received.

The Athala II is a wonderful yacht. Clean, spacious and very friendly staff. Not to mention, the food was delicious and plentiful. Our Naturalist, Enrique was fun, energetic and very knowledgable. He was very passionate about his job and the well being of the islands. We saw so many animals and marine life. We will always remember.

Thank you for a wonderful vacation and I will definately recommend Columbus Travel to any of my friends and family. Please share this email with Xavier Proano and the rest of the team that served us.

Sincere Regards,

Greg & Emily Wong
Canada, February 2009
Traveled on the Athala

Daniela and Jessica,

I want to thank you and all those who worked with you to make our trip to Quito and the Galapagos such a complete pleasure. I can think of nothing else you could have done to improve our experience....It was a memorable trip that the grandchildren enjoyed and appreciated as I had hoped they would. And of course, I enjoyed it for myself as well as for them.

I know I need make no critique of the Galapagos Islands; everyone knows how unique that experience is! I do want to tell you that the Galapagos Explorer II was everything we had hoped for and more...Once again, we found the food to be very good, the staff friendly and helpful. The accommodations were perfect (I couldn't believe the size of the cabins! Actually spacious, more like a hotel room than the average ship cabin).

Obviously, it is the work behind the scenes that make a trip like this one turn out so satisfactorily; I did already know what I wanted, but you knew how to make it happen, and you succeeded wonderfully! It was an unforgettable trip, a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I don't know where my next holiday travel with the four grandchildren will take us (how long will those young men, or the teenage girl, be willing to travel with an 80+ year old grandmother?!) but should we or anyone we know want to travel in your part of the world, you are the experts to turn to, to work that magic again! Thank you for the parts you each played in this success story.


Evelyn Ward
USA, January 2009
Traveled on the Galapagos Explorer II

Hi Christian and Fernanda,

The food was very good and we rerally enjoyed the evening. The stay in Quito was very pleasant. Many thanks for all the arrangements you have made. The cruise was also a memorable and fantastic cruise. No doubt Galapagos is one of the best places to visit and hope everything will be preserved for the next generation. It was a truely an inspiring and exciting trip. We hope we will be able to visit there again sometime in the future.

Hope you have a great new year.


Japan, December 2008
Traveled on the Santa Cruz


We just returned from Quito and the Galapagos Islands and had to write to thank you for your excellent services throughout the planning phase of our trip as well as during our adventure.

The Eclipse was the perfect ship for us. Large enough to feel comfortable and to share the company of new friends, and small enough to gain access to some wonderful venues such as the mangroves at Elizabeth Bay. Service and food (always healthy, beautiful and served with an Ecuadorian flare) were excellent and our guides warm, patient, knowledgeable, and flexible.

In Quito, our accommodations at both the Swissotel and the Plaza Grande were excellent. Javier and Hector were always there...on time. Javier's assistance with our Aerogal flights was seamless. Our private guide Jorge was funny, bright and a terrific guide. Thanks to you for coming by to personally check on us, calling to make sure all was well and to see us back to Quito after our voyage. We knew we had a friend in Quito always there to assist.

Our trip was perfect thanks in large part to you, the pristine beauty of the Galapagos Islands and the charm and colorful personalities of the Ecuadorian people.

Thank you for everything you did for us!

Geri and Mark Frazier and family
USA, December 2008
Traveled on the Eclipse

Hi Elena,

We are back in SF 15 hours after we boarded the flight from Quito. It was a memorable experience and your staff is very professional, punctual and cordial. The Legend expedition programs are very well organized and balanced even though we did get tired. But the adrenaline kept us going for 5 days.

Hope to re-connect with you in the future!

Tim and Nancy
Taiwan, December 2008
Traveled on the Galapagos Legend

Thank you, Ivonne. Happy New Year to you! We had a wonderful trip on the Athala, and a great tour of Quito. Our tour guide in Quito was really great. The Athala was fabulous and everyone was very nice. It was a trip to remember.

Mary Rose
USA, March 2008
Traveled on the Athala

Dear Ivonne,

Although the week in the Galapagos was wonderful, my day in Quito was one of the very best days in my life. It was just so very good - the Gold Museum and the Amazon Equator village were both so exceptional.

I wish you a happy and joyous 2009.

Kindest regards

Kevin Collins
Australia, July 2008
Traveled on the Athala


My wife and I thought you and your firm did a marvelous job. As I indicated on the comment card, we had previously travelled with A&K and thought you did much better. I hope you got the comment card. The driver who took us to the airport Sunday a.m. did not speak much English, but his eyes lit up when I gave it to him.

We were very pleased with all the people you had for transfers and as guides. They each had a wonderful attitude. I do not know how you find and keep such people, but urge you to continue doing what you are doing.

Concerning the transfer, Luisa called us shortly after we returned from dinner. We worked everything out. No problem.

The Eclipse was excellent. It was exactly as you led us to expect. We had a lot of fun. Only disaster was that my daughter succeeded in deleting all the pictures from her memory card on her camera. She was heartbroken, but this morning she was invited to the winter dance at school, so she is happy again! In any event, we still have the pictures from two other cameras.

As for real comments about the Eclipse, I have two. First there was one guide, Javier, who was exceptional. He is from the Galapagos. In talking to him, I understand he has a contract to do a week on the Nina, your new boat, in a few months. You may want to consider trying to keep him. The other guides were good, but he was in a class by himself.

One minor negative on the Eclipse, and the only one, was that somewhere in the past the personnel on the Eclipse must have stored the snorkeling flippers badly. They are in terrible shape and really need to be replaced. I noted that on the comment card on the boat too. We still enjoyed snorkeling. We made all, but one of the snorkeling trips, but I would not be against your passing the comment on to the owners/operators.

Christian, if you, or your company, ever need a reference in the states, please do not hesitate to let us know. We were EXTREMELY pleased with your recommendations and services, and would not hesitate to recommend you.

Thanks again for your great planning and service while on our trip.

Howard Hoffman
USA, November 2008
Traveled on the Eclipse

Hi Christian.

We were definitely not disappointed with metropolitan touring and the m/v santa cruz. We were VERY impressed with how they took care of us leaving our hotel, getting to galapagos, and then boarding on to the boat. The M/V santa cruz while on the bigger side for ships, never at all felt impersonal. We loved our guide, the galapagos and everything about the galapagos portion. It was really a well oiled machine (no pun intended).

Much thanks,

USA, October 2008
Traveled on the Santa Cruz

Dear Christian,

I started this email right after I received your's. I saved the draft and am just now getting back to it. I will send it tonight regandless.

We had a great time. I would recommend the trip we took, and your travel agency, to anyone thinking about going to Ecuador. Nothing went wrong. We did make seven trips between the Swissotel and the airport. The driver took the some route ever single time. It might be nice if the driver took a different route on occasion. It would be nice to see more of Quito.

One night at the Swissotel we were given a suite that was larger than some of the apartments in which I have lived. There were four rooms and two bathrooms. It was much more than needed, but quite nice and fun. It is a beautiful hotel.

We saw the Ecuador president, in person, twice in two weeks (more than I have seen all U.S. presidents, in person, in 55 years). He gave a speech in the plaza in Quito on our first day. He stayed at our hotel on the second night and had dinner at the same time we did. With all of his armed guards surrounding the hotel, we certainly felt safe that night. The guards made sure we knew they were there, but did not harass us in any way. I am not sure that the U.S. secret service, that guards our president, is as accommodating.

I really do not know which of our three excursions I liked the best. Both the Galapagos islands and the rain forest were interesting, but I think I liked the trip to Cuenca the best. Diane preferred the Galapagos.

My sister-in-law (wife's sister) is a travel agent here in the U.S. I told her that if one of her customers was planning a trip to Ecuador to contact you.

Best of luck in your business. It was a real pleasure dealing with you.

My regards,

Bill and Diane.
USA, June 2008
Traveled on the Santa Cruz


Just wanted to let you know that we really enjoyed our trip to Peru/Machu Pichu and Ecuador/Galapagos and appreciate your help in planning and arranging our trip. The hotels you chose for us were terrific especially the Casa Andina in Lima and the Peublo in Agua Calientes.

The Legend cruise ship was wonderful with a great total Galapagos experience. Very comfortable with great food and service. It was very nice to have drivers to tranfer us between airports and hotels. We really enjoyed our guide Natalie who was with us in Cusco and Machu Pichu; she was very well informed and personable.

Thanks again for you help and making our trip such a great experience.

Steve Reibman
USA, September 2008
Traveled on the Galapagos Legend

Dear Elena:

Thank you so much for doing such a fantastic job in arranging our recent trip to the Galapagos. The pick-up information from your information was waiting for us at the Hampton Inn in Guayaquil. We were picked up at the hotel and transported to the airport for our flight.

The Santa Cruz was a wonderful ship.Our guide, Walter, was amazing; our group was always the last back to the ship because Walter let us spend as much time as possible on the islands. Viewing such a variety of animals was an incredible experience. The people that we met in Guayaquil and in the Galapagos were gracious, charming, and so very helpful. Guayaquil was a nice surprise; we enjoyed our time spent there.

The trip exceeded our expectations in every way. It was our first trip t South America and will definitely not be our last. We will be certain to contact you for assistance with our next trip to South America.

Please accept our appreciation for everything that you did to make our trip such an amazing adventure.

Sherri and Dorothy Newhouse,
USA, September 2008
Traveled on the Santa Cruz

Dear Christian,

We, too, were pleased to meet you. We were very pleased with our trip. The boat and crew were very good and our guide, Ivonne, was wonderful -- knowledgeable and enthusiastic. The only criticisms we have (and these are minor) are that the visit to San Cristobal Island was too long and that instead of visiting Post Office Bay, we would have preferred seeing more natural sights. We would happily recommend Haugan Tours to others.


Joanne Levine
USA, August 2008
Traveled on the Athala

Hi Christian

Thanks for checking in. Everything was great and so easy. Too easy - it was the least amount of thinking I ever had to do on vacation. Thank you so much for helping us arrange the trip. It was really fun.

USA, August 2008
Traveled on the Athala


We just wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful trip. Thanks again for the assistance at the airport and for sending Gustavo as our guide. We had a great time, and appreciate the great service that your company provided while we visited Ecuador. We are interested in coming back for a visit to the rainforest. Let us know what types of tours you have available.

Thank you,

Robbie Wong
USA, August 2008
Traveled on the Eclipse

Hi Christian

Sorry I didn't get back to you we didn't get home until last week and I have been very busy.I will send you comprehensive feedback as I feel it is important. I would, however, like to thank you personally for organising such a fantastic holiday for us!!! Everything about it went perfectly and the Athala was fantastic!!! The whole organisation, that you implemented, was superb.

Thank you so so much.

As I say I will send you more comprehensive feedback soon, suffice to say we are very happy!!

Best wishes

John Francis
England, July 2008
Traveled on the Athala

Dear Washington,

I would like to thank you for the organization of our trip to Ecuador and Galapagos. Everything went perfectly including the guide we had in Quito. Thank you also for the recommendation to stay at the la Mirage.

Thanks a lot again

Kind Regards

Dr. Madeleine Mumcuoglu
USA, July 2008
Traveled on the Galapagos Legend

Hi Christian,

We are now back home in the U.K. The dogs are very pleased to see us back.

Our holiday exceeded all our expectations! Everything was organised perfect.The hotel was great, the meal you booked for us in Quito was outstanding, the Jungle trip to Napo Lodge was wonderful and the Galapagos cruise on Athala could not be faulted. I have already recommended you and your company to friends.

Thanks very much for all your help.

Best regards


Robert Reynolds
UK, August 2008
Traveled on the Athala

Hi Elena,

I just wanted to write and thank you for organising such a fantastic trip for us. We have just arrived home and all agree that it was one of the best holidays that we have had.

The Le Parc Hotel was wonderful, the rooms were fabulous, very modern and very clean. The rooftop bar was lovely with wonderful views over Quito and the meal that we had in the restaurant was the best meal that we had in Ecuador and was of a very high standard. La Selva was a great experience and the guiding was very good. However the highlight of the trip was the Galapagos and our stay on The Eclipse. The boat, the staff and the guides were all wonderful and could not have done more to ensure that we had the holiday of a lifetime.

Thank you so much Elena, for all your help and guidance in booking this holiday we really had a wonderful time.

With kind regards


Synnott Family
UK, August 2008
Traveled on the Eclipse

Hi Elena,

We had the most fabulous time!! Everything was just great and I am glad that we decided to split the time in Quito between the Parc and the Hotel in the old city, we enjoyed both of them tremendously and they were completely different experiences with distinct cuisine offerings.

The Arasha was perfect as was the entire Athala experience. the only suggestion I might have for guests staying at the Grand hotel in guayquil is that suggestions for alternate restaurants be made as the main dining room has a distinctly moldy odor from the adjacent courtyard swimming pool, but its convenience to the park with the iguanas and the cathedral were great.

When we arrived at the airport in Guayquil,we were met by your agent who had us listed as going to a different hotel with other passengers, however she was able to quickly arrange transportation to our hotel and for transport to the airport later that evening. There was no delay nor inconvenience in anyway. We were all so amazed at how this complicated trip with its many transfers took place without a glitch!! Needless to say we have been recommending you to our friends and plan to take this trip again when our daughter is able to do so!!

Many Thanks!!

Garren Family
USA, August 2008
Traveled on the Athala

Hi Elena,

We just returned from our trip to the rain forest and the Galapagos and we were both very pleased. We had a fansastic experience and would highly reccommend both of these places to others. You provided excellent customer service to us, being both prompt and comprehensive. We were lucky to catch the flight to the Galapagos but we made it with your help.

Thanks again!

Mark and Ellen Conover
USA, August 2008
Traveled on the Athala

Hi Elena,

We have just finished our Athala trip - it was fantastic. Thank you so much for all your help in making this all possible.

Thanks again.

USA, August 2008
Traveled on the Athala


El viaje excelente, el crucero excelente. Disfrutamos como enanos, como decimos por aqui. Nos encantaron las islas, los animales, y el control exquisito de la naturaleza....Igualmente, como digo, el crucero y su personal excelente. Dele recuerdos a Yoyi y a Kike de parte de "la pareja amorosa" (ellos ya saben....) Asi que repetiremos al menos Ecuador Gracias por todo

Un saludo desde Bruselas

Spain, July 2008
Travelled on board Athala

Hi Christian,

WOW !!!!!WOW, WOW, What a trip!!!!!! Everything you all did was GREAT !!!!!! Delta is a Pain, But once we were in your hands everything went wonderfully!

Yoyi and Kike were Great and the boat past all expectations. The Crew and Captain Pedro were out of this world. We had a great party the last night with everyone. They taught me some new dance moves. The Galapagos were excellent and Kike Really made it special with all his vast knowledge. And Christian I can thank you enough. All your hard work with us was great and the Casa Aliso was a wonderful place to stay. The Service there was impecable.

On the plain back home we were recommending the Athala and soon her sister ship to everyone. I was righting down the web site for people. I told them how great it was working with you.

Thanks again to you and to the whole crew of the Athala! With out you and the wonderful ship this wouldn't have been so perfect.

Width much Love and Gratitude,

Katherine Wynd and Michael Halsor
USA, July 2008
Travelled on board Athala


I just want to let you know that the cruise you had arranged for us was wonderful. I also need to thank you for having the trip document delivered to our hotel before the cruise.

I'll definitely recommend my friends to use Columbus Travel for cruises to Galapagos.


Eriko Mogi
China, July 2008
Travelled on the Santa Cruz

I want to thank you for all of your assistance during our travel to Ecuador. You made our trip much easier and we are very happy with the service you provided and the hotels, flights, tour guide, and the Galapagos trip.

I will certainly recommend you to anyone that will be traveling to Ecuador. Also, if you need a reference for anyone who is considering your service, please have them contact me.

Thank you again, and best regards.

Mitch Kadish
Usa, July 2008
Travelled on the Galapagos Explorer II


Just to inform you that we are back home from the cruise and our stay in Guayaquil. The cruise was a lifetime experience and we enjoyed it a lot.

Thanks for your assistance, I understand that the fact that we arrived few days before the cruise and stayed few days after caused some misunderstandings, but eventually all was o.k.

Best regards,

Uri Levy
Israel, June 2008
Travelled on the Galapagos Legend

Hi Elena
We are back home in Toronto now. Just wanted to thank you so much for booking us on the Santa Cruz. We had a fabulous time. The cabin was much bigger than expected, the boat and crew were fantastic and we loved the Galapagos! We both wanted to stay longer, maybe next time.
Canada, April 2008

Thanks for folowing up on the lost luggage, we did finally get it. We are back home today. Your agency did a great job, everything was perfect. The Athala was outstanding, beautiful ship, wonderful crew and fantastic quide.
Thanks for all your work,
Dale Dondero
USA, April 2008

On behalf of myself and kate i would like to thank you for your kind and very efficient service when booking our recent trip to Galapagos. we had a brilliant time and the santa cruz ship and staff where fantastic. i have already passed your details on to my friends.

Once again thank you so much for helping us achieve a lifetime ambition.

Ireland, January 2008


I just wanted to let you know how greatour trip was. Here we are 3 months later and we still are having the greatest memories of the trip you booked for us on the Galapagos Legend . Our time in quito, was great and the guide you arranged and everything you booked for us was fantastic.

Thank you

Steve Melnick

Dear Elena:
Eclipse. Everything worked out perfectly. Javier was always on time to pick us up. We found the staff on the Eclipse to be absolutely wonderful; At some time in the future, we will want to go back and take with us some of our family Of course we will contact you at that time.
Thanks for everything!!

Susan Carlyle
January 22th, 2006

Hello Elena. Just a short message to say thank you for arranging my recent trip. The staff of the Galapagos Legend were great and it was a very enjoyable cruise. Everything worked out great. Thank you again.
Stan Singer
January 22th, 2006

Hello again, just writing you to provide some feedback on the trip and services:

1. I was 100% happy with the services provided by you and Columbus Travel. I appreciated that emails were responded to quickly. Also in Guayaquil, I believe his named was William - very friendly, and was helpful in ways you normally wouldn't expect, such as looking into the status of our connecting flights and giving us that information as we got back from Galapagos. Hampton Inn was very nice and the service good as well.

2. Again, nothing but good things to say about the Galapagos Explorer II, and of the islands. I have travelled to a fair number of places, and Galapagos ranks at the top. I very much appreciated that you arranged for the diving for us - this seemed to be a service that some of the other agents (mostly non-ecaudor based) either didn't know about or wouldn't organize. On the trip there were only 4 people who went scuba diving, all because we were the only ones who had it pre-booked. There were others who wanted to go as well, but without pre-booking, they were not allowed as the boat demanded many different forms that people did not bring. Hope this helps, and I will be sure to recommend you to my friends. Once they see my pictures, i'm sure they will try to make a visit :)

January 18th, 2006

Hi Margarita I want to tell you how much we appreciated the great service we had from you and your company when we were in Ecuador. All of our plans went perfectly. Your drivers and guides were prompt and courteous and knowledgeable and the hotel, the excursions and the Eclipse were outstanding. I always worry when I arrange things on the internet but we were exceptionally pleased with your service and your arrangements for us. We loved every part of our trip and I will recommend you and your company without reservation Gail Rutenberg
December, 2006
Galapagos Cruise Athala October 28-31
elena, we just got back from the cruise and it was wonderful the boat is incredible the crew is fantastic. also the hotel was also great thanks very much i will surely recommend you thanks for a great trip
November, 2006
Dear Fernanda,
Our cruise on the Athala was really wonderful... We started working very hard from the following day we came back to Italy, but we will always remember our fantastic days in Ecuador. And this is thanks to you, to Xavier, Jimmy, but also the wonderful
crew of the Athala, Pedro, Orlando, Gabriel, Darwin, José, and all then others who are REALLY all fantastic people. Please, thank them all for us when you have a chance, and thank you again to you, Fernanda, for your excellent service and kindness! With our best regards
Paolo and Cristina
September, 2006
Hi Elena, My husband & I want to say a big "Thank You" to you for helping us book the 4-day Galapagos cruise on the Galapagos Legend. We had a fantastic time and met many nice people onboard. Your service was excellent - you gave us good information and prompt responses. We will definitely recommend your company to our friends. Thank you once again! Regards
August, 2006
Buenos Noches Seniorita Margarita Just got back from our trip to Ecuador and Peru.
I'm always nervous sending $$$ to people in another country that I met on a website - but our trip was fantastic.
Everything went very smoothly. Galapagos and Quito are amazing places. The Galapagos Legend was a great boat, with a great crew. We were also impressed with the Quito guide you organised (Ivan) who seemed amazingly versed and knowlegable in everything Ecuadorian! Muchos Gracias
July, 2006
Estimada Yoyi,
Ya de vuelta en España, te envíamos este email para agradecerte el trato y las atenciones que nos habéis dispensado a bordo del Athala. Ha sido uno de los viajes más bonitos de nuestra vida y sin duda para los niños será algo inolvidable. Transmite por favor a toda la tripulación del Athala nuestro más sincero agradecimiento y nuestro cariño por todo el afecto recibido.
Un abrazo.
February, 2006
The trip was superb. Seeing and learning about the animals of the Galapagos was a once in a lifetime experience. Janet and I loved it. The memory of seeing a small Sea Lion swimming "figure-eights" in front of my face while we snorkeled will always make me smile.
The upgrade was FANTASTIC! It was wonderful to have a window rather than a porthole. I did research the cabins...we were scheduled for #12 which is 2 decks down and closer to the engines. So it is noisier than cabin #23, where you upgraded us. Thank you so much. The lady in #12 was Marianna Suarez, an employee of some other travel agency.The crew of the Eclipse...they are the Best! They were professional and courteous. I had some discussions with the Captain about his ship. He was most gracious.The guides were very knowledgeable. It became a bit of a game to see if there was a question they could not answer. We never won that game. Their names were Klaus, Elizabeth, Patricio (Patos), and Lenin.The Grand Hotel Guayaquil was very nice, with very professional employees. The food was excellent. We usually had the buffet. Jorge Lombeida (I hope I spelled that correctly) is a perfect gentleman and extremely knowledgeable about the history of Ecuador and Guayaquil. He took John, Janet and I on a tour on the Friday before we flew to Galapagos.In closing, we are honored to have worked with you to create this holiday.
Best Regards, Roger and Janet