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How to Charter a Luxury Yacht in Galapagos

Are you planning a Galapagos trip with a big group? Whether it’s a family reunion, a business retreat or small group project, or a special occasion like an anniversary, chartering a cruise can be a great way to share these moments with family, friends, and colleagues.

And don’t let the price tag scare you – if you’re splitting it between all members of the group, the cost per person is right around what you’d pay for a single Galapagos cruise ticket anyway. And if you’re footing the bill alone, the value of chartering a cruise is definitely there.

So what does chartering a Galapagos yacht mean? Essentially, you are renting out the entire cruise for your group. Since only a few Galapagos yachts offer this option, it’s just a matter of choosing which is right for you. That’s where we can help – putting together the list and helping determine which yacht would best serve your purposes. Just let us know the details and we’ll put all the information together.

And when it comes to the yachts that are available for charter, they are all in the luxury class, meaning that you can count on world-class service and comfort, top naturalist bilingual guides, gourmet menus, and hand-crafted itineraries.

Keep in mind that the yachts that do offer this option tend to accommodate between 16-24 passengers, so if you are inviting fewer, the cost per person is naturally higher, and if you have more than 24 people, consider booking rooms individually on a larger Galapagos ship or a land-based tour.

By chartering a cruise, you’re ensuring that your Galapagos experience is an intimate one, shared with only those who are in your group. In addition to the privacy and exclusivity of a privately chartered vessel, you guarantee your group undivided attention from the service team, private transfers and land transportation, and customizable itineraries geared specifically towards your group’s interests, whether it’s birdwatching, snorkeling, photography, volunteering, or dining.

Plus, like all Galapagos cruises, a charter cruise is all-inclusive – from the moment you arrive in the Galapagos Islands, your transportation, food, accommodations, daily excursions and activities, and all service is already factored into the trip price.

For Galapagos group travel, charters also offer a great alternative to land-based tours because they take the hassle out of the logistics and coordination of the planning process, they guarantee private, shared space for your group at a lucrative group rate, and give you access to the more remote destinations in the Galapagos beyond the main islands of San Cristobal, Isabela, and Santa Cruz.

Just let us know when you’re ready to start talking about your Galapagos charter!

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