A trip to the Galapagos Islands promises an unforgettable family vacation for families of all ages. Whether you are young parents hoping to share the wonders of pure nature with your kids, a group of adults eager for an active vacation, or adults hoping to share a magical vacation with your parents, there is a Galapagos trip for everyone.

What to expect on a luxury Galapagos cruise

While every yacht and ship is unique in how they bring you a wonderful family Galapagos experience, there are certain things you can expect on any luxury Galapagos cruise:

  • Top-notch service – From the captain to the crew, you will find that everyone on staff is excited to make sure your Galapagos experience is second-to-none.
  • The best guides – Experienced bilingual or multilingual naturalist guides are a given on any luxury cruise. In fact, the guides contracted by the luxury vessels have usually studied ecology at the university or have a background in environmental sciences which makes them the foremost experts on the biology of the Galapagos Islands.
  • Gourmet food – Menus draw from local and international fare and are prepared by only the best chefs and served in elegant and spacious dining areas or restaurants.
  • Stability – The luxury yachts and ships strive to integrate modern engineering to provide a more stable cruising experience and limit the sway and rock of the boats.
  • Ample space and multiple social areas onboard –  Even the smaller yachts will likely offer large lounges, spacious dining rooms, al fresco dining areas, a full-service bar, and a partially covered sundeck (often with a Jacuzzi for use when the boat is anchored). The larger luxury Galapagos ships might also have a fitness room, pool, boutique, reception desk, and multiple restaurants.
  • Luxurious suites – From individual air conditioning control to fruit baskets to large closets and private bathrooms, the suites leave nothing to be desired. Plus, the big picture windows and sometimes even a private balcony immerse you in the Galapagos land and seascapes even from the comfort of your own cabin.
  • Additional amenities – Kayaks, wetsuits & snorkels, glass-bottomed boats, and dinghies might all be included on a luxury cruise.

Luxury cruises are the best value for Galapagos group vacations, especially for families. Since Galapagos cruises are unlike any other family vacation you will ever take, they necessarily come with a higher price tag, even if you choose a “budget” option. That’s why it’s actually savvier to consider a luxury cruise – if you have already committed to paying for the Galapagos experience, it might as well be a luxury experience. Why?

  • They are all-inclusive (transportation, guided activities, lodging, and meals).
  • The crew will make a great effort to accommodate everyone in your group.
  • Luxury cruises visit some of the most secluded visitor sites in the Galapagos Islands.

Traveling the Galapagos Islands with Kids

The Galapagos Islands are a fantastic destination for the whole family, but unlike other cruises where there are a bunch of onboard activities and entertainment for young children, the Islands themselves are at the heart of the activities.

That’s why it’s important to decide if your kids are old and mature enough to appreciate an adventure vacation that showcases the pristine beauty of nature with daily activities like snorkeling, hiking, and dinghy excursions.

Traveling with very young children is not recommended. However, if your kids are old enough to appreciate nature-based excursions, a Galapagos cruise can be a great way to acquaint them with the importance of protecting the environment and give them an unparalleled opportunity to experience nature first-hand.

Luxury yachts and especially the larger luxury ships tend to have much more deck space and social areas, which makes a big difference on a week-long cruise with the kids aboard.